Nomade Communication delivers corporate communication strategies, social media marketing, brand awareness strategies and public affairs services that transform brands, grow businesses and create value for stakeholders and shareholders as well.

Brand audit

Efficiently evaluating the internal and external company brand.

Communication Strategy

We create an integrated communication strategy (online & offline) that suits the company.

Social Media Marketing

We develop compelling social media marketing strategy and campaigns.

Public Affairs

Public affairs services are a key part of a strong corporate communication strategy.

Fun Facts

What we bring to the table – our very best. We empower your brand into the market.

100 Dedication

We are excellent with words and sharp in action. We stand by your brand and we will put together a strategy to make your brand stand out.

364 Perseverance

Hours spent with every client, every year, because your questions need to be ensured and your campaigns rolled out.

12654 Cups of coffee

Good PR comes after late nights and early mornings.

3500 Calories lost

Work is our cardio – cardio between our clients, meetings, conferences, events and office.

Content Strategy

Every brand has its own needs and gaps. We bring creativity, hard work, more creativity, strong strategic skills, dedication and openness to our client’s suggestions. We deliver professionalism and truth: success is built in time and time demands strategy.

Employer Branding

A powerful employer brand transforms a company from „just another name” to an employer of choice. We support our clients to control the narrative about their values and to become an iconic company with a spotless image and a transparent reputation.

Brand Strategy

Bringing brands to life is our passion. Welcome to the new era where there’s not enough to be good at what you do but to have a strong and consistent market presence. Be the first name in everyone’s mind when they’re talking about your domain of expertise.

Event Mangement

Our team of collective thinkers will build your dream event. Makers of beauty, we craft ideas into reality. Whether is an opening event, a networking session or a party, we will deliver quality and professionalism at the highest standards. Walk with us on the red carpet!

PR & Communication

Standing out in a very loud and crowded market is not a job you can handle all by yourself. You should just be the best at your job and let us tell the world about it. We will build a strong relationship with your community, increase your brand awareness and make your presence memorable all the way up.

Online Marketing

Whether you are just starting your business, launching a new product or you are just looking to get in touch with your audience, planning is crucial. If your goal is to attract prospects and make your clients happy, develop your online presence it at its best. Don’t be shy, go out there and make them buy from you!

Our happy clients